Internal composition factor of mattresses:

The internal composition factor refers to the material used to build the internal structure of the mattress, and it is a fundamental factor to consider because practically all the characteristics of the product depend on it: quality, price, hardness, comfort and other factors which we will see in detail in the following paragraphs. The internal composition of a mattress can be of different materials and very often it is common to find “hybrid” mattresses on the market, the result of the mixing of several materials.

Each element is distinguished by characteristics that influence the structure of the mattress (which in fact will be more or less rigid, for example) and the price, given that some materials (especially those that are completely natural) have a very high basic cost which, inevitably, influences the final price at which the mattress is sold. Below is a list of all the types of mattresses that you can find on the market, but we point out that in this purchase guide only memory foam mattresses are reviewed.

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Structure mattress:

This is currently the most widespread type of mattress on the market and consists of an internal structure made, precisely, with springs that make the mattress solid but elastic. This typology is suitable for most consumers as it has a medium or medium-high bearing capacity based on the sub-category chosen.

In fact, it is possible to distinguish spring mattresses from pocket springs, where the springs are independent of each other, reducing the risk of sinking and even of accidental joints between the various springs. Moreover, the pocket springs are more ergonomic than the traditional spring mattress and therefore this model is considered as the most modern evolution of the first type.

The number of springs changes depending on the models, usually springs or micro springs can be found and the higher the number of springs inside the structure, the more elastic and comfortable the mattress will be. Both types (with pocket springs and traditional) guarantee good breathability regardless of the padding used and make these models also suitable for areas where the summer seasons are very hot.